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As a trauma trained professional and speaker, I work to deliver education, inspiration, and entertainment to a variety of audiences. Topics include relational issues, work and personal stress, and raced-based trauma. I strive to make every engagement purposeful with the intent on delivering a memorable experience and substantive content.


Meditation-mindfulness instruction and trauma informed yoga is offered for both individuals and groups.  Mindfulness and meditation can be tailored for both secular and faith based individuals and groups.  


I'd be happy to talk with you at no charge about how I may help.  I look forward to working with you and your group.

Professional Public Speaker & Trainer,
  Meditation & Mindfulness Specialist 
Trauma Informed Yoga Facilitator
Trauma Certified Licensed Psychotherapist




Yoga For Trauma

Restorative trauma sensitive yoga combines breath work, meditation techniques and yoga to help recover from trauma.

Poses are usually held for 5 minutes or more, with the body fully supported by the floor, pillows, bolsters, blankets, etc.  This helps to create a sense of ease and comfort that encourages the nervous system to relax.  This system often become activated and stays this way after a trauma.  

Trauma sensitive yoga is good for dealing with mental health issues and racial PTSD which is not a mental health issue.  

The yoga practice and mindfulness may be different than you have experienced in the past.  It is specially designed for people who have experienced trauma.  

Guided Meditations

If you have experienced trauma you may have symptoms, such as stressanxiety, and depression, that developed after the trauma.

When you have experienced a trauma, your mind and body may:

  • be frozen in a crisis-like state of tension and exhaustion,

  • your body and mind constantly look for and expect signs of danger,  

  • often react as if danger is there when it's not, and

  • experience flashbacks and unwanted thoughts about the trauma. 

My mediations are specifically designed for trauma.I offer both secular and faith based meditations.  They both use guided imagery and meditation for healing trauma as it goes to exactly the parts of the brain where the trauma sits.

Faith based meditation incorporates you connecting to God as well as yourself.  

Speaking & Leadership


As a motivational speaker on emotional health, trauma and racial disparities I work to bring information on a variety of topics and as well as provide concrete steps to take away and find peace.  Because people learn in different ways, I work to include different styles, videos and activities to avoid death by powerpoint.  

As a psychotherapist and ordained minister my materials  are designed for a wide range of audiences from no mental health training to mental health professionals.  I work to tailor each presentation to your unique groupI work to create a safe, calm, entertaining presentation.  


Some topics include:

Racial Trauma


Living Victoriously

Vulnerability & Humility

Becoming Christ Esteemed

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma


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